About StemBook

Stem Book is an open access collection of invited, original, peer-reviewed chapters covering a range of topics related to stem cell biology written by top researchers in the field at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and worldwide. Stem Book is aimed at stem cell and non-specialist researchers.

In addition to the contributions of the editorial board and the stem cell research community, the project is being done in collaboration with several other enterprises including Harvard’s Initiative in Innovative Computing. The Initiative in Innovative Computing created the Scientific Collaboration Framework (SCF), the extensible software infrastructure used for the project. SCF and the Stem Book project were funded, in part, by a generous grant from an anonymous foundation and also appreciates the input of WormBase's Textpresso team.

ISSN 1940-3429

Stem Book

Doug Melton (Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Harvard University)


Lisa Girard (Harvard Stem Cell Institute)

Editorial Board

Bradley E. Bernstein (Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital)
Sangeeta Bhatia (Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Ali Brivanlou (The Rockefeller University)
George Daley (Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Children's Hospital Boston)
Pat Donahoe (Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital)
Kevin Eggan (Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Harvard University)
Fred Gage (Salk Institute)
Gary Gilliland (Merck)
Bob Higgins (Highland Capital)
Rudolf Jaenisch (Whitehead Institute, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Peter Laird (University of Southern California)
Ihor Lemischka (Mount Sinai School of Medicine)
Haifan Lin (Yale University)
Diane Mathis (Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Harvard Medical School)
Stephen Minger (King’s College London)
Julia Polak (Imperial College London)
Brock Reeve (Harvard Stem Cell Institute)
Jerome Ritz (Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
David Scadden (Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard University)
Alexander F. Schier (Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Harvard Univeristy)
Les Silberstein (Harvard Stem Cell Institute, Children's Hospital Boston)
Fiona Watt (Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute)
David Williams (Loughborough University)
Shinya Yamanaka (Kyoto University)

SCF Framework

Tim Clark (MIND Informatics)
Sudeshna Das (MIND Informatics)
Stephane Corlosquet (MIND Informatics)

StemBook Alumni
Tom Green (Initiative in Innovative Computing)
Alister Lewis-Bowen (Initiative in Innovative Computing)
Louis Weitzman (Initiative in Innovative Computing)